Friday, December 07, 2007


AWAKEN YOUR STRONGEST SELF: Making Yourself Safe with You
Neil Fiore, PhD

When you, from the perspective and roles of your Strongest Self, speak these compassionate statements to the frightened and overwhelmed parts of you, you can:
 Create inner peace by connecting your identity to something stronger and wiser than your ego
 Transition to a new, robust self-image
 Access support and strength to cope with changing situations and relationships
 Reduce the stress and anxiety of struggling alone, separated from your True Self
 Empower yourself with the protective role, higher perspective, and compassionate voice of your Strongest Self

Note that the following inner dialogue differs from typical "affirmations" in that YOU are speaking to the smaller parts of you that are separated from your larger support system. They, therefore, are easily overwhelmed and stressed.
You are empowered to protect and guide these parts that have limited and out-dated ways of coping with life.
You, from your new expanded identity can access the compassion voice of your Strongest Self and replace self-threats with safety and connection by saying:

o Regardless of what happens in life, your worth is always safe with me.
o Regardless of what you can or cannot do, you are always worthwhile.
o Regardless of whether you win or lose, you deserve love, pleasure,
and freedom from self-criticism.
o Regardless of what happens to you, you deserve to be treated with
dignity and respect. I will always respect my life and my body.

o Regardless of who stays or who goes, I am on my side.
I will never abandon you.
o Regardless of how healthy or ill you become, I appreciate the
effort, wisdom, and protection you, my body, has given me.

o Regardless of how negative or intense your emotions, I know they
are valid for you, and I accept them completely.
I am strong enough to be with your emotions.
o Regardless of how uncomfortable others are with you, your feelings
or your body, I will always accept you and remain at peace with you.
o Regardless of what happens in life, and regardless of your problems,
I accept and love you completely.

o Regardless of the health or weakness of my body, I can always heal my spirit.

*Adapted from Awaken Your Strongest Self [McGraw-Hill, 2006] and
Coping with the Emotional Impact of Cancer (BayTree, 2008)

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