Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Voices Inside Your Head: Who’s in Charge of Your Life?                  Neil A. Fiore, Ph.D.
I know the voice of depression still calls to you.
I know those habits that can ruin your life still send their invitations.
But you are with the Friend now and look so much stronger.
You can stay that way and even bloom! . . .  
. . . O keep squeezing drops of the Sun from your prayers and work and music
and from your companion’s beautiful laughter
and from the most insignificant movements of your own holy body.
Now, sweet one, be wise.
Cast all your votes for Dancing!
-- Hafiz, 1320-1389, Cast All Your Votes for Dancing

Who is it inside your head that speaks with the voices of depression, anxiety, and worry? Who is it that listens to those voices without identifying with them? Who is the part that feels insecure, lacks confidence and motivation, and seeks personal power?
Where is the part of you that can offer compassion and guidance to yourself?
Does your strong and powerful Self need a wake-up call to take charge?
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

How to Access More Brain Power


                                                                Neil A. Fiore, PhD
Whenever you respond to a question or a puzzle with: “let me sleep on it; it’s going to be interesting; or it will come to me” you are signaling your night shift subconscious wisdom to start working on your projects.
Such common statements demonstrate your confidence that you can access a deeper level of knowledge, wisdom, and solutions that is far beyond what they can achieve by worrying with just their conscious mind.

You obviously have access to more brain-cell power than just your struggling conscious mind and conscious identity.

And when they ask you, “How did you do that? That was brilliant.” you can say: “I pulled it out of thin air; or a little bird told; or I don’t know, it just came to me.” Or you could say what Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s detective, says,
“I let the little gray cells do the work.”

Keep expecting your “Night Shift,” dreaming mind to work for you and it will start showing up repeatedly with solutions and positive surprises.
See my website and Awaken Your Strongest Self (McGraw-Hill, 2009)
(c) 2015 Neil A. Fiore, PhD