Friday, January 20, 2012

Cal Ripken on Perseverance & Mental Toughness

Get Unstuck from Procrastination; Get onto Productivity
CAL Ripken on "Perseverance"Mental Toughness
I heard Cal speaking today at a conference. I asked: "What did you tell yourself to maintain Mental Toughness when the Orioles were having a losing season?"
Cal answered with his unique style of facing the Press, the physical pain and the slumps, something like this: At first I would struggle against the pressure--just like most people do. But then I'd tell myself, I'm prepared; I've trained; I know what to do. Just relax, step back and focus on the ball, just as if there's no pressure.
What the master of perseverance said was--from my point view--what I tell my coaching and webinar clients: "Just keep showing up. Don't try to control what you can't control, but work with it, challenge it, wonder about it.
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