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The Now Habit at Work: Perform Optimally, Maintain Focus, and
Ignite Motivation in Yourself and Others
[Wiley, Aug. 2010] Neil A. Fiore, PhD

Fiore Exercises:*
To identify and quiet your critical voices take about 10 minutes to listen to them.
Write out two statements: in Part 1, write a positive statement that is the opposite of the critical one; in Part 2, write its opposite, your usual self-criticism.

For example: In Part 1, you might write, “I’m industrious and productive” and in part 2, “I am lazy.”
Or, first you write: “I’m very reliable;” and then “I’m unreliable.”
Pause after writing each of these statements and listen to the “Yes but” voice of your worrying and critical mind.

Part 1. Write the positive statement that is the opposite of your usual self-criticism (e.g., “I’m very reliable” or “I’m very industrious”) and listen to and record whatever critical “Yes but” voices come to you.
Keep writing the positive quality until you’ve exhausted most if not all of your oppositional criticisms.
For example:
I’m very reliable.
"No you’re not."
I’m very reliable.
"You can’t be trusted with money and completing projects."
I’m very reliable.
"You can’t stay committed in your relationships."

Continue until all objections have been expressed and there are no more “Yes but” responses.

Part 2. Write a negative, critical version such as “I’m not reliable.” Listen for the “Yes but” responses.
For example:
I’m not reliable.
"Yes, but you are good at taking care of others."
I’m not reliable.
"Yes, but you're very dependable at your job."
I’m not reliable.
"Yes, you have some areas where you have difficulties but
overall you’re a reliable friend, mother, daughter, and employee."

Experiment using your most repeated self-criticisms and deep-seated self-doubts.

*This is my version of an exercise that has been around for years. It expands on what others have written years ago.
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