Monday, October 18, 2010

Job Stress & Now Habit at Work [Wiley, 2010]

Muliple demands, job stress, & financial worries are turning more and more managers, small business owners, and working mothers into Workaholics with less time for family and health and liesure activities.
To make more time for the actions that will make a difference in your life:
-- Stop trying to get everything done. "Done" is in the imaginery future
-- Focus for 15 uninterrupted minutes on one project-- that means No checking email or Facebook, no getting up for a donut and coffee -- and your brain will learn that you mean business and want Problem-solving rather than your favorite distractions
-- Use 3-12 breaths [see Fiore's Centering exercise at as a transition to Focused Mindfulness
-- Tell your brain and body [your workers] When to start and What to do. Tell yourself the specific time you will start for 15 or 30 minutes on your Top Priority project. Become a more Effective Self-Manager and you will manage others effectively.

See my latest book, The Now Habit at Work offers new strategies for Optimal Performance on the job, in your business at home, and for entrepreneurs.

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Neil Fiore,PhD: Executive Coach, Speaker and Author of Awaken Your Strongest Self, The Now Habit, and The Now Habit at Work: Perform Optimally, Maintain Focus, and Ignite Motivation in Yourself and Others [Wiley, 2010]