Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Four Dangers of To-Do Lists and Having to Get Things Done

– by Neil Fiore, PhD, author of The Now Habit: Overcoming Procrastination
and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play and Awaken Your Strongest Self

1. “Done” and “finish” are in the imagined future, a non-existent place
that your body cannot get to. You are left with stuck energy that and, therefore, feel anxious.

2. To Do Lists are usually “Have to do-lists” that evoke resistance, rebellion, and procrastination. The unspoken “have to” part of To Do Lists says, “You don’t want to do this. They’re making you into a victim. You should resist or at least drag your feet.”

3. To Do Lists are often overwhelming and usually don’t indicate the difference between low and high priorities. You could become a Workaholic rather than a top producer who knows how to focus on the right, bottom-line work.

4. Creating bigger and better To Do Lists––as with getting organized and perfectionism––can become a major distraction that seems to justify your avoidance of actually working on a project.

See next blog for “When to Use Getting Things Started Lists”

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