Friday, January 14, 2011

Myth: I'm stressed because my job is stressful

The Myth: My job is stressful. Therefore, I’m stressed.

The Tip: Replace danger messages—“I can’t stand this; I’m going to die; I have finish all this work; This is like a 10.0 earthquake” with messages of safety and you will be in control of your stress levels. Insuring that “no matter what happens, your worth is safe with me” will create inner safety and will eliminate more than 80% of your stress.
Try, “This is not the end of the world. Regardless of what happens I won’t make you feel bad” as you exhale with ”It’s only a 3.0 earthquake.”

The Truth: External stress is a fact that will cause your body to react with stress hormones, but you can learn to control for how long and how deeply you are impacted.
True, your job may be stressful, poorly managed, and impossible to complete during normal and healthy working hours. But unless your job involves being shot at and running into burning buildings, most likely, you are inflicting the stress by self-threats such as You have to finish, You should have, What’s wrong with you?
See Articles for a Centering Exercise that shuts off stress within 30 seconds.
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